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By Marshall. Clagett

This quantity, the 1st of 3 volumes describing the most important elements of historic Egyptian technology, concentrates at the foundation and improvement of hieroglyphic writing, the scribal occupation, and quasi-learned associations in historic Egypt. Professor Clagett has paid specific cognizance to the so-called Palermo Stone, the earliest annals composed in Eygpt.

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1-3 (Wiesbaden, 1963), Supplementband (Wiesbaden, 1964), together with his Kleine Beitrage zu den agyptischen Friihzeit (Wiesbaden, 1966). See also Fig. 19b for some inscriptions in early cylinders. 8. Vandier, Manuel, Vol. 1, pp. 731*32. We are of course primarily dependent on W. M. F. Petrie, The Royal Tombs o f the First Dynasty, Part I (London, 1900), plates XXXI-XXXVI, and The Royal Tombs o f the Earliest Dynasties, Part II (London, 1901), plates XXVI-XXXA. 9. See signs Y 3 and Y 4 in Gardiner, Egyptian Grammar, p.

H. M. Stewart, Egyptian Stelae, Reliefs and Paintings from the Petrie Collection. Part Two: Archaic Period to Second Intermediate Period (Warminster, England, 1979), p. 6. IV. Other studies o f all or several fragments. A. Weigall, A History o f the Pharaohs, Vol. 1 (New York, 1925), includes a dogmatic -5 9 - ANCIENT EGYPTIAN SCIENCE interpretation of the Annals which is now usually rejected. G. " Chronique d'Egypte, Vol. 27 (1952), pp. 17-22; his tentative conclusion: Memphis. W. Helck, Untersuchungen zu Manetho und den agyptischen Konigslisten (Berlin, 1956), especially pp.

12), Horus of Heaven (Pr, lin. 4, Nr. 8), Wadjet (n. 61), Nekhbet (n. 61); third dynasty. Min (Pr, lin. 5, Nr. 10); fourth dynasty, the Apis Bull (? C-4 r, lin. 2, Nr. 2), Sed (n. 92), the Horus Bull (C-2, lin. 2, Nr. 1), Bastet (n. 94), Seshed (Pv, lin. 1, Nr. )-, fifth dynasty, the Souls of Heliopolis (C-l v, lin. 2, Nr. 2; Pv, lin. 2, Nr. 2; Pv, lin. 4, Nr. 2; Pv, lin. 5, Nr. 2), Re (C-l v, lin. 2, Nr. 1; Pv, lin. 2, Nr. 2; Nr. 3; lin. 3, Nr. 1; lin. 4, Nr. 1; Nr. 2; lin. 5, Nr. 1; Nr. 2), Hathor (same as for Re, except for the third citation and the last two), the Gods of the Sun-Temple called "Sep-Re" (Pv, lin.

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