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By Douglas J. Brewer

Ancient Egypt: The Origins will provide a fantastically illustrated, easy-to-read textual content protecting the formative period of the Egyptian civilization: the age ahead of the pyramids.

  • The first hugely illustrated booklet on Egyptian pre-history for non-specialists
  • Contains the entire proof Egypt lovers are desirous to examine: Who was once the 1st Pharoah? whilst did burial grounds turn into Pyramids?
  • The tale of Brewer’s personal archaeological expeditions brings the historical past to existence





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Their mind-set served them well, carrying them through nearly 3,000 years of recorded history and several thousand years of prehistory. qxd 06/16/2005 02:53PM Page 44 CHAPTER 4 u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u The Paleolithic: A desert in bloom T he Paleolithic (literally ‘Old Stone Age’) represents the earliest period of human activity in Egypt. The term is used by archaeologists the world over to refer to the period prior to agriculture when stone was the dominant raw material for tool-making. Although bone and wood tools were made by Paleolithic peoples as well, poor preservation has left us few examples of these implements.

3). 2 u Stratigraphic sequence showing overlaying units at an excavation of an Early Dynastic Delta site. Note the thin light-coloured layers of ash. Source: Photograph by D. J. Brewer time periods; advances in manufacturing techniques as well as changes in style and artistic decoration often allow these objects to be ordered in a relative sequence. As with excavation, seriation does not give us exact dates for the objects, but it does allow us to deduce where they fall in a sequence from earliest to latest.

Unfortunately, no complete copy of Manetho’s work has ever been found. 1 u A series of royal years (rectangular boxes) from the Palermo Source: Photograph by D. J. Brewer Stone, a Dynasty 5 king list. sources are even later, dating from the third to the ninth centuries AD. Although each of Manetho’s dynasties roughly represents a ruling family, the different authors of these later works do not agree with one another on the periods of time Manetho assigned to each dynasty, nor is it clear if Manetho’s work recognised that during periods of civil war several families ruled Egypt simultaneously.

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