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Potters turned clay vessels on a potter’s wheel and then baked them in closed clay furnaces as tall as a man. They covered some of the pottery with a blue glaze. Women wove sheer fabrics of linen for clothing and for tapestries and awnings to decorate the houses of the rich. Egypt then as now had little timber. Cedar and cypress were imported from Lebanon and tropical woods from Nubia. Cabinetmakers fashioned chairs and couches. Other craftsmen overlaid the furniture with precious metals or inlaid it with ebony or ivory.

In order to appreciate them, it is necessary to understand the principles upon which Egyptian artists worked.

In the seaport of Alexandria she was regarded as patron of seafarers, and from there her worship spread to Greece and Rome. Osiris, the ruler of the underworld, had the sun’s boat pulled along this river until at last it crossed the horizon and the sun rose again. Osiris had been murdered by his brother Seth but lived again in the underworld as king of the dead. The people looked to Osiris to give them, too, a life after death. Osiris was usually shown in human form, tightly swathed in linen like a mummy and wearing a high crown.

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