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By Sharman Apt Russell

In Anatomy of a Rose, Sharman Apt Russell eloquently unveils the "inner lifestyles" of plant life, exhibiting them to be extra person, extra enterprising, and extra responsive than we ever imagined. From their varied fragrances to their nasty deceptions, Russell proves that, the place nature is worried, "wonder is not just our start line; it could even be our destination." all through this botanical trip, she finds that the technology in the back of those clever plants--how they developed, how they live to tell the tale, how they heal--is much more awe-inspiring than their fleeting attractiveness. Russell is helping us think what a box of snapdragons seems like to a honeybee; she introduces us to flora that control their very own temperature, allure pollinating bats, even odor like a rotting corpse.In this poetic rumination, which mixes swish writing with a scientist's readability, Russell brings jointly the paintings of botanists around the world, and illuminates a global straight away time-honored and unique.

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1 KE II ROSE Flowers smell so good becallse insects smell so well. Some moths can detect a scent ;) mile away. Most moths, like poodles, smell just ahout everything. Other I)ollinators, especially hees, ;liso distinguish and rcrnclllhcr odor. In response, {~O\v('rs may have evolved a cOll1pk\ ll1i\ or smel1s, and this may encoLirage what botanists call flower constancy. Flower constancy is the "loy;dty" a pollinator to a specific flower or species. First, a flower species "wants" to smell and look different from competing species.

Speciation, however, is when a species splits into two species. Speciation is why we have roses and orchids and philodendrons. Natural selection is only a part of this process. Something else has to happen first. 44 ANATOMY OF A ROSE Often, two or more populations become isolated from each other for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways. A continent drifts north. An island rises from the sea. An asteroid crashes into earth. External forces separate populations, as might internal ones. The separated groups evolve along different paths.

Irish, and I );lI1ish cat one hundred pounds of refined sugar per persoll per year. Americans cat a liltle less. Nectar is mainly sLigar water, sometimes contailling SLlcrose or cane sugar, sOll1etimes a mix of sucrose, fructose, and glucose. Most of us understand the butterfly. \Ve would also extend our mouthpart, automatically, at the equivalent of a candy bar. In concealed nectarics or in open pockets, nectar is the pollinator's reward. In different species, nectar can be secreted by almost any part of the flower.

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