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By Anne Roiphe

Acclaimed writer Anne Roiphe conjures up the points of interest and sounds of Eighteen Eighties Alexandria, Egypt, a bustling heart of exchange and trip. From teeming docks to overflowing marketplace stalls, from grand houses to dirty slender alleyways, cholera microbes upward push and bob in streams of water and tiny droplets, clinging to moisture as guy clings to air.

With a willing brain and commitment to his paintings, younger Louis Thuillier has inspired his mentor—famed scientist Louis Pasteur—enough to be despatched to Alexandria as one-third of the French venture trying to find the resource of the cholera that's terrorizing town. in addition to the opposite individuals of the French mission—scientists Emile Roux and Edmond Nocard and their enterprising servant Marcus—Louis longs to discover the therapy, bringing glory to himself and to France.

Este Malina is the stunning daughter of a revered Jewish health practitioner, whose relations has lived in Alexandria for centuries. a lifetime of convenience has made Este a romantic, and she or he hopes to marry a guy with the center of a poet. Neither expects to discover a soul mate within the different, but if Este starts off to help on the French mission’s lab, a deep bond varieties. Este, notwithstanding, is engaged to a different, and Louis isn't Jewish—her relations could by no means let them marry.

inspite of their many ameliorations, the lovers’ wish grows and their fantasies threaten to distract them from their paintings. In Alexandria, the illness rages on, as mysterious because it was once one thousand years earlier than. Political intrigue threatens to split Este and Louis completely. Their love, as fragile because the glass slides they use within the lab, is at risk earlier than it has had an opportunity to thrive.

With a less than perfect Lens, wealthy with the points of interest and smells of a unique period, Anne Roiphe once more demonstrates the storytelling energy for which she has lengthy been hailed.

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Chapter CLXXXVI. A hymn of praise to Hathor, mistress of Amentet, and to Meh-urt. Vignette: The deceased approaching the mountain of the dead, from which appears the goddess Hathor. The version akin to the Theban. htm (34 of 36) [8/10/2001 11:22:56 AM] The Versions Of The Book Of The Dead. Palæography. C. 1200-550, and was, like the Theban, usually written upon papyrus. The chapters have no fixed order, and are written in lines in the hieratic character; the rubrics, catchwords, and certain names, like that of Apep, are in red.

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