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Dakotah Treasures ebook four- significant Jeremiah McHenry is retiring from the military and returns to Medora to make a brand new existence and discover a spouse. Will he have the capacity to persuade feisty newcomer Amethyst O'Shaunasy that he's the type of guy she's been trying to find? Jacob Chandler, in the meantime, remains to be ready till he can court docket Opal Torvald. Can he end up to Opal that she is going to make an exceptional preacher's spouse?

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He nodded. ” “Yes, I did. Nothing left to bring home again. Could have sold more butter and eggs. With two cows milking next year, we should do right well. ” She refilled his bowl and sat back down. “I got a letter yesterday, an answer from Melody’s folks. ” She fetched the letter and watched as he picked up his knife to slide under the dab of wax, then realized it was already open. He glanced up at her, but she only smiled back. You were in no shape to read anything. I can’t believe this. It looks to me like you don’t remember a thing that happened.

Because it was market day, when all the farmers brought their goods to Smithville to sell, her father had driven the wagon, filled with her wares, to town. Renowned for her cottage cheese that always sold out first, Colleen had also brought freshly churned butter, buttermilk, and eggs, not to mention her piccalilli. She’d made extra jars because people liked it so much. At the end of the day, with a tidy sum in her reticule and her father at his favorite hangout, she’d gone into the mercantile, giving the owner her list of needed supplies and taking time to peruse the calicos and woolens.

Thankfully, Mr. Peters had the decency to haul you out to the wagon, rather than just throwing you out the door when it came closing time. ” He turned from the doorway and muttered his way back down the stairs. She waited to hear if he went to the kitchen, but the bedsprings creaked, and she knew he’d gone to bed. You shouldn’t treat your father that way. The Good Book says to show respect to your parents. That is a sign of godliness. Had I gone down, he’d have fallen asleep in the chair before the food was ready.

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