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By Karlheinz Hill, Wolfgang von Rybinski, Gerhard Stoll

Alkyl polyglycosides are a brand new new release of multi-application, ecologically secure nonionic surfactants that shape a obviously reusable source. Written by means of pioneers within the box, this identify information the technological, ecological, physicochemical and function features of alkyl polyglycosides, and discusses the present patent state of affairs of those new commercially conceivable fabrics.

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Investigations of the interactions between alkyl polyglycosides and anionic or cationic surfactants and 4 potential measurements on emulsions indicate that alkyl polyglycoside micelles have a nega- PhysicochemicalProperties of Alkyl Polyglycosides 47 tive surface charge in the pH range from 3 to 9 [91. By contrast, the charge of micelles of alkyl polyglycol ethers is weakly positive or approximately zero. The reasons for the negative charge of the alkyl polyglycoside micelles have not yet been fully explained.

An alternative method routinely used for the analysis of glucose in alkyl polyglycosides is the determination with commercially available enzyme-based test kits (for example Boehringer, Cat. No. 716251). 2. The analytical tasks in this area are to ascertain whether or not alkyl polyglycoside is present in a product and, if so, how much and which type. The analytical techniques most commonly used to perform these tasks are thin layer chromatography and HPLC. 1 Alkyl polyglycoside analysis by thin layer chromatography (TLC) A normal-phase TLC system is used for qualitative and quantitative determination of alkyl polyglycosides.

Wodarczak, Agro Food Industry, Hi-Tech,January/February (1996) 6 7. N. Buschmann, S. Wodarczak, Tenside Surf. Det. 32 (1995)336 8. A. Bruns, H. Waldhoff, W. Stoll 0 VCH Verlagsgesellschaft mbH,1997 4. Physicochemical Properties of Alkyl Polyglycosides Dieter Nickel, Thomas Forster, and Wolfgang von Rybinski The favorable performance properties of surfactants are essentially attributable to specific physicochemical effects [ l l . This applies on the one hand to interfacial properties and on the other hand to behavior in solutions, for example phase behavior.

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