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7. 1h ln an inscription of Kainses JI t and also in one of his predecessor Seti. there is mention of Asher in Palestine, winch is the name of one of the. Twelve Tribes, This reference urn! other similar instances led scholars to suppose that th<* Exodus took plaeu in successive waves* '*&\ A. B. Mercer, ttxlra-ttibliral Sources (or Hebrew ami Jnrhh //Mnry (Xew York, 101ft). Ho identifier tint Habiru as Hebrews* and the Pharaoh of Oppression as Kuiasuft II, one hundred years later* Teet, ttgypt and the Old Testament* p.

H. Gressmann, Der UTsprung der israelitisch-jiidischen Eschatologie (Gott&tgen, 1905), pp. ; also Gressmann, Mose und seine Zeit, pp. 417ff. A, Musil identified Mount Sinai with the extinct volcano al-Bedr. kann '"Meyer, Geschichte des Altertum$, VoL II, Pt. ), p. , p. " Gressmann (Mose und seine Zeil, p. 418) also denied the visit of the Israelites to Mount Sinai. AGES IN CHAOS 20 flowed the land, lava gushed out of the riven ground. The Scriptures thus describe the uproar of the unchained elements: .

About 722 the Ten Tribes of Israel, after the capture of their capital, Samaria, by Sargon II of Assyria, went into exile, from which they did not return. In 587 or 586 Judah, after the destruction of its capital, Jerusalem, by Nebuchadnezzar, wont into Babylonian exile, from whence small groups of the nation came back after Babylon was captured (in 538) by Cyrus the Persian, Addi- tional groups returned to Palestine during the following century, Alexander the Great conquered Palestine on his way to Kgypt in -333.

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