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In a centralized control system, mechanisms as inhibition of return do not solve this question, since the integration of multiple stimuli cancels the possibility of distinguishing among different kinds of targets. A potential solution to both problems could consist of dynamically modulating the visual system for attending only one kind of target at a time. This allows shifting attention among different visual regions at the desired frequency, avoiding any problem related to the integration of multiple targets.

Manso, L. (2008). Attentional selection for action in mobile robots, in J. Aramburo & A. R. Trevino (eds), Advances in robotics, automation and control, InTech, pp. 111–136. Duda, R. & Hart, P. (1972). Use of the hough transformation to detect lines and curves in pictures, Commun. ACM 15: 11–15. Enright, J. (1998). , Journal of Physiology 512: 235–250. Frintrop, S. (2006). VOCUS: A Visual Attention System for Object Detection and Goal-Directed Search, Vol. 3899 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer.

This is a relative high value, which identifies only pixels with a high membership degree in either c1 or c2. We have preferred to exclude only pixels which belong clearly to one of the above two textures. Figure 3(b) displays the result of applying the segmentation process to the left image in Figure 3(a). The white areas are identified either as textures belonging to sky and grass or leaves of the trees. On the contrary, the black zones, inside the circle defining the image, are the pixels to be matched.

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