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By Roger Narayan, Paolo Colombo, Dileep Singh, Jonathan Salem

Enhance your knowing within the most precious features of advances in bioceramics and porous ceramics. This number of logically prepared and thoroughly chosen articles comprise the complaints of the “Porous Ceramics: Novel advancements and functions” and “Next new release Bioceramics” symposia, which have been hung on January 27-February 1, 2008.

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36 Advances in Bioceramics and Porous Ceramics I1 Novel Bioceramics for Bone Implants Cell culture and cell seeding SaOS2 cells were cultured in Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium (DMEM; Sigma-Aldrich, Milwaukee, WI) supplemented by 10% fetal bovine serum (FBS; Sigma-Aldrich), 1% L-glutamine (Sigma-Aldrich) and a 1% antibioticiantimycotic formulation (Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA). Cells were incubated at 37°C in a humidified atmosphere containing 5% C02. The scaffolds were cut into circular discs about 15 mm in diameter.

5 mole % (sample 111), density was increased. 5 mole%. 5 mole% Mg2’ doping, the presence of F- ion reduced the density of the sample VII significantly when compared to sample IV with no F. addition. Advances in Bioceramics and Porous Ceramics II . 5. 07 g/cm3, respectively. Therefore, it is logical to assume that the densities should decrease as the weight % of p-TCP phase increases, in the samples VI and I11 (-15 weight% p-TCP) the densities were slightly increased in both F- doped and undoped samples with constant Mg amount, in comparison to the samples V and I1 which are pure HA.

Novel scaffolds of this type utilizing natural polymers and nanocomposites with tailored fibrous architectures hold promise as bone tissue engineering materials. 40 . Advances in Bioceramics and Porous Ceramics II Novel Bioceramics for Bone Implants REFERENCES 1. Salgado AJ, Continho OP, Reis RL. Bone tissue engineering: state of the art and future trends. Macromol Biosci 2004;4:743-765. 2. Yaszemski MJ, Oldham JB, Lu L, Currier BL. Clinical needs for bone tissue engineering technology Davis JE, editor.

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