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In NRSE method, elements of Jacobian matrix are computed from the standard expressions which are functions of bus voltages, bus powers and the elements of bus admittance matrix. Nowadays, with the advent of fast computers, even huge amount of complex calculations can be carried out very efficiently. The aim of this research is to reduce the time taken to construct the H matrix. A simple algorithm to construct the H matrix is presented in this chapter. This algorithm can be easily fit into the Newton Raphson State Estimation method.

1), the f (x, y, y′) will be replaced with Lagrange interpolation polynomial and the interpolation points involved were (xn − 2 , f n − 2 ),, (xn + 2 , f n + 2 ) . These polynomial will be integrate once and twice over the interval corrector formulae were obtained, Integrate once First point: y′(xn +1 ) = y′(xn ) + ( [xn , xn +1] h 240(r + 1)(r + 2 )(2r + 1)r 2 ) [xn , xn+ 2 ] , and and the following ( ( + 4r 2 (r + 2 ) 18 + 75r + 80r 2 f n +1 + (r + 1)(r + 2 )(2r + 1) 7 + 45r + 100r 2 −4(2r + 1)(7 + 30r ) f n −1 + (r + 2 )(7 + 15r ) f n − 2 .

Processor Time Comparison of NRSE vs Proposed method. 37E+02 is the time Newton-Raphson State Estimation Solution Employing Systematically Constructed Jacobian Matrix 39 40 Advanced Technologies For the sake of analysis, the tabulated data in Table 9 is converted in graph figure as shown in Figure 8 to 10. It is clearly show that processor time increases considerably when size of network become larger. This applied to the both methods. However, comparing the two methods, the proposed method uses significantly less processor time than that of the NRSE method when the size of network becomes larger.

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