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For the main a part of this publication, its attempting to fill its 500 pages with pictures and serve as references which are basically a copy/paste from the freely on hand DirectX SDK. The book's content material is both SDK fabric or thoroughly uncomplicated stuff. Even the introductory books that i've got learn are way more complex than this one.

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If you have any previous experience with DirectX graphics, then you will have probably heard of terms such as DirectDraw, Direct3D, Immediate Mode, and Retained Mode. If not, then don't worry; I'll explain them in a moment. 0 continues to build on it. 11. So let me begin with a short introduction into the way things used to be, so that if you come across these terms you will know what is going on. Graphical output on the PC can be roughly divided into two groups: 2D and 3D, with the latter obviously being far more complex.

The pointer 0xa0000 pointed to the start of the 64KB block of video memory on VGA cards. A graphics application takes this block of memory and fills it with whatever it would like to show up on the screen. There's a problem, however. The screen isn't updated instantly.

M_bActive Boolean value; TRUE if the window is active (a window is active if it is currently in the foreground). m_pGlobalWindow Static variable that points to the single instantiation of a cWindow class for an application. Initially set to NULL. cWindow(…) Constructs a window object. You can only create one instance of this object; this is verified by setting the m_pGlobalWindow object. ~cWindow() The destructor destroys the window and sets the global window variable to NULL so that it cannot be accessed any longer.

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