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By Mark D. White

This number of essays via favourite economists and philosophers showcases the $64000 contributions that markets could make to special subject matters inside social economics, together with useful concerns corresponding to poverty and catastrophe reduction, in addition to extra basic issues concerning ethics and well-being.

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36 The choice, then, is not between a “pure” politics where enlightened and benign libertarian paternalists nudge people toward welfare-enhancing choices and “impure” markets where people blunder into a host of welfare-reducing choices, but between two imperfect institutions within which people try to reconcile their own ends with the ends of others. But there is good reason to believe that the market is an effective mechanism for identifying and correcting the errors that people will inevitably make, whereas the political process 38 JOHN MEADOWCROF T tends to encourage short-term choices taken on the basis of woefully inadequate information and compound these errors by imposing them on the entire population with few opportunities for minority experimentation.

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