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By Sandy Blair

During this gentle hearted romantic story, a medieval Scottish knight who needs to wed quick in an effort to win the keys to a citadel, falls lower than the loving spell of a talented healer.

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Angus made a thick “humphing” sound in the back of his throat. ” She’d never even seen one before. Oh, she’d heard one a time or two when she’d been summoned to the village, but— “ ’Tis easy. ” Angus squatted and placed the bucket between the bleating beastie’s legs. He reached under the nanny with both hands and grumbled, “Starting at the top, ye squeeze yer fingers down, like so. ” Hearing a rhythmicsquish, squish, squish —milk hitting the bottom of the bucket—Birdi heaved a relieved sigh. Angus hadn’t expected her to put the babe to a teat, after all.

From the man’s dress Angus took him to be a Fraiser captain. The younger, also a big man, wore Fraiser plaid but no jeweled brooch, no marks of distinction other than a nasty-looking battle scar across one cheek. He was simply a skilled warrior. ” Angus looked each in the eye. “I’m Angus MacDougall and have no business with the Fraisers. html “More like eating yer way through,” the younger of the two guards grumbled, pointing to the discarded fish. ” As they eyed him warily, Angus mentally cursed.

When her gaze shifted to his face he was forced to close his eyes. He could feel her breath on his cheek and desperately wanted to see what she thought. Was she frowning or smiling? And more than anything in the world he wished to feel her mouth on his. Her lips caressed his with no more pressure than a butterfly could muster. He held his breath wondering what she’d do next. To his utter amazement her tongue grazed his lips. He groaned. As if by its own accord, his left hand slid to the back of her neck.

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