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Disputes regarding the sites of sacred buildings have been another source of trouble, and a still more fertile cause has 49 Since the thesis takes up a detailed investigation of colonial discourse in coming chapters, we need here only a representative section of mature colonial thought on ‘communalism’. 50 James Mill (1826) for instance, who has most often been credited with the ‘religious’ interpretation of Indian history would most likely have agreed with McPherson on all counts. 36 been the clash of rival processions.

Salil Misra’s A Narrative of Communal Politics: Uttar Pradesh, 1937-1939 (2001); Kanchanmoy Mojumdar’s chapter ‘Raging Riots’ in Saffron versus Green: Communal Politics in the Central Provinces and Berar, 1919-1947 (2003), Madhu Kishwar’s Religion at the Service of Nationalism and other Essays (1998). 44 Ayesha Jalal’s Self and Sovereignty (2001) takes the newspaper as the site for the study of popular politics in the lead up to partition, Arvind Rajagopal’s Politics after Television (2001), Siddharth Varadarajan’s ‘The Ink Link’ in The Concerned Indian’s Guide to Communalism (Panikkar ed.

In fact, however, in thinking about Islam in relation to Indian religions, premodern Muslim intellectuals did not stress their religion’s ideal of social equality as opposed to Hindu inequality, but rather Islamic monotheism as opposed to Hindu polytheism” (Eaton 2000a: 117 emphasis added). 57 He also gives a geographical reason for this based on the contrast in the spread of power of the British and the areas of Muslim population saying that the earliest areas of British domination were areas of low Muslim populations which was why they had access to administrative power and modern learning later than the Hindus.

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