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By Christine Overall

Our universities are the locus of ongoing debates over the politics of gender, of sophistication, of drawback and disability—and over the difficulty of "political correctness." In A Feminist I Christine total deals wide-ranging reflections from a first-person perspective on those concerns, and at the politics of the fashionable college itself. In doing so she constantly returns to underlying epistemological matters. What are our assumptions in regards to the ways that wisdom is built? To what measure are our perceptions formed by way of our social roles and identities? some time past new release feminists have led the way in which in recognising the significance of such questions, and recognising too the ways that own adventure can be a useful reference element in educational conception and perform. yet reliance on own adventure is fraught with difficulties; how is one to accommodate tensions among the autobiographical and the analytic? This e-book issues how to resolving a few of these tensions, and to fruitfully maintaining others. it's a ebook of substantial perception, hot humanity, and actual value.

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Com Broadview Press gratefully acknowledges the support of the Ontario Arts Council, and the Ministry of Canadian Heritage. We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Book Publishing Industry Development Program for our publishing activities. Cover design by Anne Hodgets. Typeset by Colin MacKenzie and Zack Taylor, Black Eye Design. Printed in Canada 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Page 5 To the memory of my father Alexander Kenzie Overall Page 7 Contents Acknowledgments 9 Chapter 1 Introduction: A Feminist Od(d)yssey 15 Chapter 2 Role Muddles 31 Chapter 3 Women and Men in Education 57 Chapter 4 A Tale of Two Classes 87 Chapter 5 "Nowhere at Home" 107 Chapter 6 Feeling Fraudulent 127 Chapter 7 Passing for Normal 151 Chapter 8 Personal Histories, Social Identities, and Feminist Philosophical Inquiry 173 References 199 Page 9 Acknowledgments This book has come together thanks to the patience, kindness, and support of many people.

First, the ideas of political correctness and incorrectness are usedperhaps not always intentionally, but nevertheless often with painful resultsto monitor feminist attitudes, beliefs, and behaviour. Then, individuals and institutions on the right plaintively complain of the supposed "tyranny" of progressive movements such as feminism which allegedly use the concepts of politically correct and incorrect to stifle free speech and censor innovation.

Married? wear spike heels and heavy make-up? read and enjoy Harlequin romances (Miles 1991, 9396)? gossip about other feminists? pursue professional ambitions? aspire to institutional power? eat meat? campaign against abortion? favour the new reproductive technologies? oppose all forms of censorship? be unwilling to work collectively? downplay the importance of lesbian studies? publicly criticize the women's studies program? openly mock certain feminist theorists? While I myself do not necessarily find all of these behaviours problematic, I suggest that the moral questions they provoke are genuine and ought not to be considered either unproblematic or unanswerable.

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