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By R. David, Anthony E. David

Vital historic and cultural figures in addition to a few recognized members in Egypt's lengthy background (c 3100 BC - c advert six hundred) are integrated during this paintings of reference. Rulers and participants in their households, major figures and critical foreigners with whom the Egyptians got here into touch are all integrated. The entries are according to unique resource fabric and there are bibliographies for every access.

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The abnormalities shown in the king’s physique became the norm in Amarna art and all other human figures are represented with the same features. At Thebes, the tomb of the courtier *Ramose is decorated with wall-scenes that provide a striking example of both the orthodox and Amarna styles of art. 4 robin-bobin ALEXANDER Akhenaten has been blamed for allowing Egypt’s empire in Syria to disintegrate while he pursued his religious reforms. In the Amarna Letters (the diplomatic correspondence found at Akhetaten), vassal princes beg in vain for Egyptian aid against the predatory ambitions of other great powers.

New York: 1947; SaveSoderbergh, T. The Hyksos rule in Egypt. JEA 37 (1951) pp 53–71; Save-Soderbergh, T. On Egyptian representation of hippopotamus hunting as a religious motive. Horae Soederblomianae 3. Uppsala: 1953. Apries King 589–570 BC. Apries, son and successor of *Psammetichus II, adopted a change of policy from that pursued by his predecessors. Instead of following a defensive and peaceful course, he became involved in the Judaean revolt against *Nebuchadrezzar II of Babylon in 588 BC, which ended with the sacking of Jerusalem in 587/6 BC.

1–2; ; Lansing, A. Excavations at the palace of Amenhotep III at Thebes. Bull. MMA. 13 (1918) March supplement, pp. 8–14. 12 robin-bobin AMMENEMES Ammenemes I King 1991–1962 BC. Ammenemes (Amenemhet) I was regarded as the founder of the Twelfth Dynasty and of the Middle Kingdom; he assumed the additional title of ‘Repeater of Births’ which was adopted by those pharaohs who regarded themselves as inaugurators of a new era. He can almost certainly be identified as the vizier of *Mentuhotep IV of the Eleventh Dynasty, from whom he usurped the throne.

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