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By Anjali Arora

"Both beauty and health are a vital part of an ideal character. This e-book is a consultant to excellent future health and beauty.

It supplies an in depth account of the anatomy of the outside, discusses a variety of universal dermis difficulties like zits and zits and gives recommendations to make your epidermis supple and fit. It additionally tackles different beauty and health difficulties.

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Just rub them together to improve your circulation. If your hands have developed cracks or blisters use a good antiseptic cream. To help blood circulation in hands perform tone up exercises daily. Clench your fists and then relax them (6 times). Spread your fingers and then close them (6 times). Rotate limp hands from the wrist clockwise and anticlockwise (6 times). Gently tug each finger. Shake and loosen your hands. Hand Massage Massaging hands helps increase blood circulation and keeps them soft and supple.

Your hands are the evidence of your advancing years. Your hands are exposed daily to: Indoor or outdoor jobs. They are washed with many kinds of soaps and detergents throughout the day. Chlorine can dry your hands and nails (especially after swimming). So, protect your hands, with a good moisturiser or Vaseline (petroleum jelly). Sunscreen lotion should be used when you are out in the sun. In winter, protect your hands with clean and warm gloves. While working do not wear soiled gloves or let sweat get trapped in them.

Dry skin on your face. Found in your hair. Caries of the teeth is… Tooth decay when the canal is eaten away. Plaque formation around your teeth. A gum disease. Split ends occur in… Dry and damaged hair Oily hair Normal hair The more times you answer (a) you have an idea of what good health and beauty mean. 02. Body Check Have a good look at yourself in a full length mirror? How Well Do You Shape Up? Squeeze the flesh around your waist, abdomen,thigh, upper arms and neck. Is it firm or have you started becoming flabby?

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